What Are The Dimensions Of A Massage Table

A massage table is a portable, flat surface that is used for massage therapy. Massage tables come in a variety of sizes and styles, but the most common type is a portable massage table. Portable massage tables are typically made of aluminum and have a padded surface. The dimensions of a portable massage table are typically 72 inches long by 30 inches wide.

Different massage table dimensions are important to know, depending on the type of massage table you have. The height of the massage table can be adjustable, anywhere from 19” to 37”, to accommodate different heights of massage therapists. The width of the massage bed is important to know because it will determine how much space you have to work with while massaging your client. If you have a larger client, you may need a wider massage bed.

Depending on the brand and style, stationary massage tables can vary in dimension. However, they are mostly 73” long and 28-32” wide. Usually, the height is fixed at 30” for most therapists’ comfort levels. Keep in mind the width of the bed while deciding if it will be appropriate for your clientele.

What Is The Perfect Weight?

The perfect weight for a massage table depends on several factors, such as the type of massage being performed and the client’s body type. For example, a heavier massage table may be necessary for deep tissue massage, while a lighter massage table may be better suited for a Swedish massage. It is important to consult with a massage therapist to determine the best weight for your needs.

What Is The Standard Width?

There is no standard width for massage tables, as they come in a variety of different sizes to accommodate different clients. However, most massage tables are about 28-32 inches wide.

What Is The Right Massage Table Height?

The average height for a massage table is about 30 inches. This height is comfortable for most massage therapists and provides enough clearance for the massage therapist to reach all areas of the client’s body.

What Is The Average Length?

The average length for a massage table is about 73 inches. This length provides enough room for the massage therapist to move around the table and perform a variety of different massage techniques.

How Much Weight Can A Massage Table Hold?

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Most massage tables are designed to hold up to 450 pounds, which is more than enough to accommodate most clients. However, if you have a larger or heavier client, you may need a massage table that can accommodate up to 600 pounds.

Choosing The Right Upholstery

The type of massage you’ll be performing, the environment in which you’ll be using your table, and your personal preferences will all play a role in choosing the right upholstery for your massage table.

There are three main types of massage table upholstery: vinyl, cotton, and poly-cotton blend.

Vinyl massage table upholstery is durable and easy to clean, making it a good choice for massage therapists who have a lot of clients with oily skin. Vinyl is also a good choice for massage therapists who work in spa environments, as it is resistant to water and other liquids.

Cotton massage table upholstery is soft and absorbent, making it a good choice for massage therapists who use lotions and oils during their massage sessions. Cotton upholstery is also a good choice for massage therapists who have sensitive skin, as it is less likely to irritate vinyl or poly-cotton blend upholstery.

Poly-cotton blend massage table upholstery is a mix of cotton and polyester fibers, which makes it more durable than pure cotton upholstery. Poly-cotton blend upholstery is also less absorbent than pure cotton, making it a good choice for massage therapists who work in spa environments.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Portable Massage Table

Portable massage tables typically have an aluminum frame and are about 72 inches long and 28-30 inches wide. The height of a portable massage table is usually adjustable so that it can be set to a comfortable height for both the massage therapist and the client.

Do All Massage Tables Come With A Face Cradle?

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No, not all massage tables come with a face cradle. Some massage tables have a built-in face cradle, while others do not. If you are looking for a massage table with a face cradle, be sure to check the product description before purchasing.

If You Could Only Choose One, Which Would You Choose: Wood or Aluminum?

Some therapists believe that the choice between a wood or aluminum frame is an easy one, basing it off of their aesthetic preferences. In our experience over the last 14 years though, we’ve found that there is more often than not a preference for the look of wood. However, as design choices for aluminum tables have become more modernized and sleek, they have become much more appealing to the eye.

In many therapeutic schools, instructors no longer practice medicine in their own offices and recall when metal tables were standard. These old designs would rust and squeak, making them extremely hefty.

Many tutors recommend against aluminum tables, not knowing how much the industry has progressed and confusing aluminum tables with metal. While metal tables are now quite rare, there are still a few sub $120 options available that are of such low quality that you would have to buy a new table soon after purchasing.

Although aluminum tables are relatively new, many therapists prefer them because they’re stronger and lighter.

What Is The Difference Between A Massage Table And A Massage Chair?

A massage table is a large, flat surface that is used for massage therapy. A massage chair is a smaller, portable device that is designed to be used in a seated position. Massage tables are typically longer and wider than massage chairs, and they may have additional features, such as an adjustable height or a face cradle.


When choosing a massage table, it is important to keep in mind the available different dimensions. You want to make sure that you choose a massage table that is comfortable for both you and your client. If you have any questions about massage table dimensions, be sure to ask your massage therapist or the salesperson at the store.   

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